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Faking It!

For almost every brand name product across the spectrum from food to technology we have it’s equivalent in the “fake” article. Suddenly issues like quality and longevity are not raised anymore. As long as the consumer has a ‘like branded’ product in his possession he feels satisfied.
“Fake” products have a market among those who are willing to pay next to nothing for them. Their popularity driven by “cheapness” causes people to come again and again and again. This is partly why the copyright and patent protection laws across the world struggle so much against the “fakes”.
I’ll bet that you too have something fake in your possession right now. A DVD perhaps? A pair of takkies? Some pots and pans? And this list could go on. I’ll also bet that you bought them not because they we the best looking or the best quality but because the cost wasn’t too high.

Christianity has downgraded to the level where Christians are not willing to possess the genuine spiritual product anymore. Nowadays many Christians are willing to settle for “cheapness” rather than for quality or longevity. Nowadays we love cheap worship, cheap sacrifices, cheap relationships, cheap service and cheap grace. Essentially we’ve traded OUR God for the cheap things of the world; things that are transitory and qualitatively poor. When Christians fake their spirituality then whatever form their spiritually takes, it is cheap and it is a stench to OUR God.

How long does a “fake” last? Mmm…only for a short time. They give way easily. Their deceitfulness is not in the product itself but in the label. How long does the genuine product last? It lasts far longer and it’s also backed by a solid guarantee. If you are one of those who have only the “label” of Christianity but beneath that label there is “cheapness” then it’s time that you started looking very seriously at changing because “cheapness” does NOT last!


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