Glimpses of God

13 Oct

What is a glimpse? A glimpse is a brief look, a glance or a quick peek into something or at something.
We are all waiting for something from God, right? Yes! Absolutely! But while you’re waiting for that “something” big from God are you missing out on those “small” things from him which is merely a glance into what he is really capable of.

Glimpses are there to fuel us and refine us while we wait upon God for delivery of a “bigger” request. Glimpses are reminders of God’s faithfulness. Glimpses are there for us to say in the words of the Psalmist, “From the Lord comes deliverance for he has been good to me” – Psalm 13.

Take a moment now to see how God has revealed himself to you in the littlest of ways. Meditate on them and marvel at how good God is. Use it to fuel you, motivate you and to cause your faithfulness towards him to increase.

And finally, share your glimpse of God with one other person and encourage their faith.

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Posted by on October 13, 2016 in General Blog


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