Have You Felt Like Giving Up Lately

25 Aug

Text: Psalm 13:5-6
We will all agree that life is raw. The adversaries we face before we die, are not partial to anyone. The weight can sometimes seem unbearable. The weight is so heavy at times that we become spiritual hunchbacks.
Have you felt this kind of heaviness? Have you felt like giving up lately? Have you felt the sentence of death? Are you feeling that God has forgotten you?
I write this to encourage your faith and refresh your hope and my prayer is that you will see His grace and stand up under your weight.
In the text for today, we discover that David is waiting for an answer that will bring normalcy to his life. Like David, we don’t want grace, we want normalcy. We want everything back to the way it was. Total restoration!
David is waiting
And waiting….
And waiting….
But God seems to be quiet. It’s as if God took a holiday and forgot about us.
But we know that God never takes holidays, nor does he forgets about us.
Here’s what catches my attention about this Psalm every time I read it. The nugget is found in verses 5-6, “But I will trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation. I will sing to the Lord, for he has been good to me”
Hold onto these…
1. Don’t give up because God is a covenant keeping God
David counts on God being the covenant keeping God. God will not break his promise. God will never abandon him. God will see him through.
My friend, you belong to the same God David belonged to. He will deliver! Don’t give up!
2. Don’t give up because God has a 100% delivery record
When we face adversity, we sort of lose our joy. The rythm is gone. We stop dancing. We stop singing. We stop everything. We are consumed by our giants. Joy comes when we realise that with the Lord beside us, those giants are just locusts. My God is bigger!
Here’s the nugget. David sings with joy because he remembers God’s one hundred percent delivery record. Notice he says of God, “he HAS been good to me”. The “has” is past tense. David is fueled by God’s past activity in his life and he know that because of it, he can count on God for the future too.
Here’s how I know God will come through for you. He will come through because he has not let you down before. Go! Count your blessings and it’ll surprise you what God has done.
Selvan Govender
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