Getting Done

27 Aug

Last week Friday my wife, Diana was cooking a pot of Briyani. And my 9 year old daughter, Olivia was famished (very hungry). Olivia approached Diana as she took the pot of the stove to check if the potatoes were all cooked, and she asked, “Is it done?”. My wife responded, “No, its getting done.” To this Olivia said, “I don’t like that word ‘getting done’, I like to hear, ‘done!'” As I listened in on this conversation I chuckled because Olivia’s response reminded me so much of how most of us respond on our journey through life.

Immediately I shared a spiritual truth with them, a life lesson. We are all on the journey to our ‘rest in the promises of God’. We are hungry for success in relationships. We are hungry for better marriages. We are hungry for children who sincerely love Jesus. We are hungry for health change. We are hungry for business sucess. We are hungry for spiritual growth. We are hungry. Period!

Paul reminds us that, “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 1:6

The journey to completion is the ‘getting done’.

Problem is, we are too much in a hurry. We don’t want to endure the ‘getting done’, we want to hear the words ‘done!’. We don’t want to endure through the process. We want to skip ahead to the result.

The ‘getting done’ is essential for the best results. No shortcuts!

God is not done with you yet. He’s getting done!

Challenge: Discipline yourself to stick to the ‘getting done’ process of life. What areas of your life are you rushing through? Think about this carefully. Slow down. Bring yourself down to a simmer. Stick to the ‘getting done’. I guarantee that when you endure the ‘getting done’, you will turn our well-done.

Selvan Govender
MA (in progress. Biblical Studies with a concentration in Education, Clarks Summit University – USA)
Associate Pastor – Caneside Fellowship Centre

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