03 Sep

Death is at the door
Beckoning you to come
You cannot escape, you cannot hide
Right now you are his chosen one
You cannot postpone death
You can try if you can
But rest upon this promise
He will come when you least plan
We all must one day die
From the least to the greatest
There is no favour
We will all lose those that are the dearest
Death takes us across the bridge
There is there another life
And we will live forever
Some in delight and some in strife
Without Christ there is pain in death
When death comes you should fear
For if you do not have Christ here
In the after-life you won’t find God near
Right now you may say, “it’s all right, I’m safe”.
You may have done good or been the best
But without Christ
You won’t survive the test
There is no second life
No second chance
The moment is now, perhaps your last one
For you in Christ to take your stance
Please don’t wait till it’s too late
There is no day like today
Don’t push it don’t delay
Death will come and he’ll have the final say
Why Christ why Him?
In him there is no end to life
You won’t come back, you wont  be reborn
But you’ll avoid hell and all its strife
No one will escape death
But for the person who does God’s things Gods way
When the messenger of death beckons
He just smiles and welcomes that Day
Losing a loved one is so painful
How do we cope after so big a loss
It is people who take us through safely
And a lot of it has to do with the Cross
Do I fear death?
We are  promised that death has lost its sting
When it comes I welcome it
Not even fear it can bring
But this promise is only for those who are in Jesus
In him they are safely shielded from this foe
Death has no victory
Christ on the cross dealt death a fatal blow
Do you want to escape this cycle
Then it’s Christ you must seek
In him you will find hope and strength
He came for us, we who are weak
Selvan Govender | Rev. Pastor
MA (in progress. Biblical Studies with a concentration in Education, Clarks Summit University – USA)
Associate Pastor – Caneside Fellowship Centre
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