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The Significance of Names

On the fourteenth of October Twenty-nineteen, Bophelo (pronounced Bop-helo) was born. She is the gift of life presented to Arthur, Carly, and Lola Fans, who are members of our church.
Bophelo (Bop-helo) means LIFE.
It’s ironic that Bophelo was given such a name. She was born at 1.6kg’s and as I write this devotion, she is in the hospital for nine days now.
This little baby is really taking her circumstances by the horns and she is living up to her name.
She’s growing well!

Let’s change scenes.
Let’s go back a few thousand years to the book of Ruth.
The book opens in dramatic fashion. It’s like an action movie that sends your heart pulsating right from the beginning.
It opens with these simple, yet profoundly important words, “In the days when the judges ruled, there was a famine in the Land.”
Why do I need to pay attention to this “small” fact?
This “small” fact is the promise of God’s judgement on the nation (Deuteronomy 28-29).
The writer is simply telling us that the nation is under the judgment of God.
Powerful right?

Now catch this!
The writer introduces us to a family. They are Elimelech (Elly-mel-ek), Naomi (husband and wife), Mahlon and Killion (their two sons).
The instinctive response of this family when the famine strikes, is to leave Bethlehem.
Guess what?
Do you know what “Elimelech” means?
Elimelech’s name means “My God is King,”
Don’t you think this is ironic?
Here’s the irony.
Elimelech (my God is King) chose to turn his back on God by leaving the community of Bethlehem. If you were part of God’s people, the nation of Israel, you didn’t leave the community, because God had established a covenant with you. You were tied into that land, and God was going to bless you there when you obeyed. When God’s people disobeyed him, he would often get their attention by allowing them to go through some tough times, and that’s what happens in this story.

Who are you?
You are Christian.
What does that mean?
Christ-follower, a disciple of Jesus Christ, you are the child of the God of the Bible.
Let me ask.
When the chips are down, do you behave like Elimelech?
Do you live down your name like Elimelech did, or,
Do you live up to your name?
Do you leave God or do you hold on more firmly to God?
You are Christian.
Let’s live up to it!


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