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The Church – God’s Redemptive Tool

I believe that the church is God’s redemptive tool in our world. It exists to point people to the cross. It points them to the cross through the various ways the church will use to show to people their significance. People are created lower than angels but God bestowed them with glory and honour.

Is the church doing enough to lift up the value of people? What have you done recently so that someone’s hope is firm and their faith is steadied?

Let us consider how we can spur each other long. Let us become what God put us together to be – His redemptive tool on this earth!

selvan Govender


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One Message One God

One Message One God

Please check out this website

This is a fantastic gospel tool to reach people from other major worlds religions to Christ. If you have a Muslim friend or a Hindu friend please stop by “One Message One God“. You won’t regret it!

One God One Message – With compelling clarity, this 3-stage journey through the Bible offers hope for time and eternity. Drawing on the author’s passion for the Scriptures and thousands of conversations with Muslim neighbors, friends, and e-mail correspondents, this 30-chapter adventure provides insight into life’s big picture and clarifies some of the main differences between a biblical and an Islamic worldview. The book’s 271 endnotes furnish valuable background information.”

Third edition: 432 pages. Includes Discussion Guide. ISBN 978-0979870606

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