Moving Your Organization or Yourself Forward

I remember when I was growing up I tried riding a bicycle. I was bad at riding bikes. I would almost always fall the moment I got on. I was told that in order to keep myself from falling I must have momentum. Movement prevents falling.

This is also a great organization and personal principle too.

If organizations lack momentum, two things will happen. First they will plateau (stagnate) and second they may fall (become obsolete). This fate also applies to the personal lives of every individual as well.

When we read through the opening chapters of Nehemiah we will notice some antidotes to organizational death and the corollary is that we will experience forward movement in our organizations and in our personal lives. Here’s how Nehemiah teaches us to overcome organizational and personal death.

1. If you want to move forward we must cry over how things are (Neh.1:4; 2:1-4)

Nehemiah was sad over the current situation of Jerusalem. He was sad that Jerusalem became a laughing stock. He was sad that God’s glory was being defamed. When you look around you and when you look in your own personal life, what is there that’s defaming God’s glory or being made a mockery of? You should be crying over it. It must sadden you. It should cause you grief.

2. If you want to move forward we must confess why things are the way they are (Neh.1:5-10)

Nehemiah took responsibility for Jerusalem’s current circumstances. He did not criticize. He did not ridicule. He did not shift blame. He did not point fingers. He confessed that it was his sin also that has contributed to the downgrading of Jerusalem. What role are you playing in the damage to your family’s life? What role are you playing in the damage t your organization’s health? Maybe you too should own-up to the things you are not doing that is bringing organizational and personal death.

3. If you want to move forward we must consent to getting things to the way they should be (Neh.1:11-2:6)

Nehemiah didn’t just cry over things and make a confession that he was a culprit in causing damage, he also consented to making things right again. When the King asked him what’s wrong, Nehemiah explained and asked permission to go and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Your organization’s walls may be broken. Your personal walls may be broken. But, things will never get rebuilt if you do not consent to getting them to the way they should be. Please consider today how you can participate in the rebuilding process so that you don’t experience plateaus or death.

Selvan Govender
Director of Shepherds Heart SA
Principal of Bethany Mission School


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Leadership Seminar – “Relationships”

Leadership Seminar – “Relationships”

“Children don’t know what causes their misery. In fact, children don’t realize their dysfunctional home is abnormal. Even physically abused kids don’t realize, while young, that nofrmal parents don’t beat their kids; they think that there is no other way to live.” —Nancy Curtis, Beyond Survival, (Lake Mary, FL: Strang Communications, 1990) pp. 27- 28.

The Coming Week
We are conducting a Seminar to undergraduate students on the important subject of “Relationships”. In it we will explore some essential ingredients for fruitful relationships. We will also be talking about the impact that conditioning from other relationships has on us and others and how it impacts everything you do. We all know that everything we do is built on the platform of relationship

Your functionality as a person is directly proportionate to the health of your relationships

Book a Seminar With Us
You may call us to address your school population, youth groups, employee groups, etc.

Our Details
If you are interested in more information please call

Selvan Govender |Director |063 309 5622 you may also visit us at


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We stand on the cusp of twenty-eighteen
Thinking of all the things gone by
Hoping that the next year will be more elevating
Because we know we may not have given this year our best try

Some of us have gone through deep hardship and sorrow
Anxious about what each day held
And I remember Jesus saying, “Listen my child, don’t worry about tomorrow.”
For he knows that if you do you’ll be overwhelmed

There’s a place in the Bible where it says don’t look behind
But we all do and we lose the path
Forgetting that it’s important to stick to the grind
We turn our head and we face the aftermath

You may be entering the New Year with some trouble
A great burden or some hardship, perhaps a grieving heart
Focus on them and they’ll most likely double
Instead let Christ, strength to you impart

It’s easy to fall apart when things don’t make sense
When the bible and real life doesn’t seem to match
Waiting on God does take patience
And in His time out of your trouble he will snatch

Everyone will rush into twenty-eighteen with gusto
Hopping around, working and hoping for the best
You’ll seem unstoppable, moving like an Armadillo
Until you face a challenging test

When this happens and it will
Not always will the road be smooth
You’ve just got to know He’s God and be still
And your sorrows he will soothe

What twenty-eighteen holds I do not know
We hope that it will be far better than this year
With much overflow
One that you’ll conquer without much fear

I wish you every success
Both now and until the end
As you remain true to the Word of God your GPS
You’ll see it’ll guide you around each bend

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A Perspective on Adversity From the Nativity

By Selvan Govender

I wonder what Mary thought
When she approached the parking lot
And found that instead of ease
The Inn was a tight squeeze

We are wrong to think that because in God we have life
That our journey until we die will be without strife
It’s clear that with Mary and Joseph this wasn’t the case
Of their ease we find not a trace

Although they knew that Mary was carrying the Savior
It was far from them to ask for a favour
We must understand that adversity is inevitable as sparks fly upwards
But we all wish that life was as tasty as cake and custard

But in the age we are living I think we have it all wrong
Because as soon as trouble comes we lose our song
God created us to be great
But when adversity comes we fumigate

Don’t we know that trials are our school?
I know that you think that God is out to make you a fool
You’ve got it wrong my friend
For through trials God wants our nature to mend

Let us learn from story of Joseph and Mary
Carrying the Savior didn’t give them the little house of the prairie
Because they knew they were helping in the divine purpose
They resorted to do their best and they did so with surplus

When adversity comes our way
We are too quick to stray
No matter how favoured you think you are
On this journey through life you may get a scar

But do not fret my friend
For God knows what’s around the bend
And he’s not out to harm or hurt
Recieve His grace and you will be alert

It’s wrong to think that God has called you His daughter or son
And now he’s robbing you of your fun
From now when a trial you get
Remember that God is using it to change you, not to cause you to fret

Selvan Govender

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Christmas Without You

Christmas Without You
By Selvan Govender

Without much effort we remember
When we would gather together on the twenty-fifth of December
It didn’t take much to look and see
The greatness of your generosity

Another Christmas without you
A significant portion of our family glue
How we wish you could’ve stayed a little while longer
At least till we grew more stronger

Yes, if we had our way
We would have you stay
But God knows best
That’s why he called you to rest

“One last Christmas with us”, our hearts cry
“No my child!” You remind us, “This is not goodbye”
The seat at the table that belongs to you
Stares at us, reminding us of that missing person of our crew

Although we know death would come
It was too soon because with you we were not done
One last day, one last chance
Perhaps the privilege of one more dance

Death has come with its violence
Catching us of guard and stunning us to silence
We know there’s nothing we can do
But the pain is searing, you may not have a clue

I heard someone say that you are in a better place
And it is us who this foul world still face
We know where you are there’s no sorrow no pain
Leaving us we know is your gain

Another Christmas without you
Our hearts still cry but what can we do
For we know that this pain will soon pass
When together one day we will be at last

We want you to know
That in all the lights, the shopping or the snow
Amidst all of this glitz and glamour and fancy do
We wish this wouldn’t have been a Christmas without you!


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A Christmas Invitation

A Christmas Invitation
By Selvan Govender

Jesus, on that day in a manger lay
His purpose through death sin to slay
Born into a world filled with sin and gloom
His goal our relationship with him to bloom

It all began in the Garden
When God announced to us the plan for our pardon
But who would’ve thought that it would come through a manger
So humble and susceptible to so much danger

Yes, through that humble birth
God is able to reduce sins girth
By giving us a King
Who to us salvation will bring

He came to take away our sin
Giving us a chance a new life to begin
If you would only come to him in faith
Please, don’t delay, don’t wait!

Please friend, now is the time
In which you can say, “I want to make Jesus mine!”
Put away the words, “No! Later I will take my place”
Come now before death you will have to face

Everyone to him may come
For in His eyes we are not scum
We are not so far gone
That the light of his salvation has not shone

He will take the poor and the rich
And like a surgeon their hearts he will stitch
This Christmas I invite you to make Christ yours
Please keep open your hearts doors!

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10 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Financial Planning

10 reasons why you need financial planning

  1. Reduction of debt
  2. Assisting with maximizing prosperity over the long term
  3. Helping with attaining financial independence after retirement
  4. Enabling you to meet your short term goals, e.g. special items such as holidays, a deposit on a new home or a new car
  5. Helps you be prepared for emergencies
  6. Helps you meet your lifestyle goal for each stage of your life
  7. In the event of death, it helps to ensure that your affairs are in order (including having a valid will drawn up)
  8. It helps you to gain a “BIG PICTURE” view of your financial affairs
  9. Helps you provide your family with the necessary financial security they need
  10. It gives you complete control of your finances and moves you in the right direction towards gaining the essential financial plan that will increase your assets and consequently giving you peace of mind

Download your personal Financial Planning Income and Expenses Tool (financial-planning-income-expense-tool). Should you have any Financial Planning questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

5 reasons why you resist financial planning or financial advice

  1. You are ignorant
  2. You have a perceived shortage of available funds. Financial planning will reveal that you do have the funds available.
  3. You have a lack of understanding of your need
  4. You had a previously bad experience
  5. You have been exposed to media coverage on a negative aspect of the financial services industry.

Download your personal Financial Planning Income and Expenses Tool (financial-planning-income-expense-tool). Should you have any Financial Planning questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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