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Lid Lifters

John Maxwell speaks at length about lid-lifters in the Bible. What do we mean when we speak of lid-lifters? Lid-Lifters are people who remove the lid of other people so that those people may reach a greater level of potential.

Today I want to introduce you to some lid-lifting imperatives for the church, that, if implemented will cause ministry to thrive. We all want to see our ministry bear fruit, but they will not bear fruit if these important ingredients are absent (these are not exhaustive but imperative).

1. Lift the Lid of Someone by Lending Them Your Spiritual Gift (1Corinthians 12, Romans 12)

Stop being selfish! In this same vein, Romans 12:5 reminds us that we belong to each other. No Christian is an island. Can you wrap your mind around the kind of impact the church would have if we lent our spiritual gift so that someone else may increase?

2. Lift the Lid of Someone by Sharing Your Material Resources (Philippians 14-17)

Stop hoarding! There are too many Christians who are lovers of their wealth. Paul waited for, and accepted, material resources for his ministry. He commended those that gave and he credited their account because sharing material resources is essential to lid-lifting. If you shared just a little bit of your material possessions, do you think you’ll become bankrupt? Think about the impact you may have through that person when you give some material resource.

3. Lift the Lid of Someone by Sharing Your Financial Wealth (1 Corinthians 8)

Stop being miserly! I don’t think one can read this passage on giving and not feel convicted about giving generously. The Macedonians were an example to the Corinthian believers. They were poor yet they gave generously. They asked for opportunities to give. They gave in spite of not having much. Greed is usually a good indicator of who your real god is. When the Macedonians gave, they were lifting the lid off other Christians. Have you considered if you gave to the ministry with faithfulness and with rich generosity, the impact it would make in our world? You should consider releasing your financial wealth so that someone or some ministry might reach another level of its potential.

Selvan Govender
Director of Shepherds Heart SA
Director of Theological Education for the BMSA


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