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Christmas Without You

Christmas Without You
By Selvan Govender

Without much effort we remember
When we would gather together on the twenty-fifth of December
It didn’t take much to look and see
The greatness of your generosity

Another Christmas without you
A significant portion of our family glue
How we wish you could’ve stayed a little while longer
At least till we grew more stronger

Yes, if we had our way
We would have you stay
But God knows best
That’s why he called you to rest

“One last Christmas with us”, our hearts cry
“No my child!” You remind us, “This is not goodbye”
The seat at the table that belongs to you
Stares at us, reminding us of that missing person of our crew

Although we know death would come
It was too soon because with you we were not done
One last day, one last chance
Perhaps the privilege of one more dance

Death has come with its violence
Catching us of guard and stunning us to silence
We know there’s nothing we can do
But the pain is searing, you may not have a clue

I heard someone say that you are in a better place
And it is us who this foul world still face
We know where you are there’s no sorrow no pain
Leaving us we know is your gain

Another Christmas without you
Our hearts still cry but what can we do
For we know that this pain will soon pass
When together one day we will be at last

We want you to know
That in all the lights, the shopping or the snow
Amidst all of this glitz and glamour and fancy do
We wish this wouldn’t have been a Christmas without you!


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A Christmas Invitation

A Christmas Invitation
By Selvan Govender

Jesus, on that day in a manger lay
His purpose through death sin to slay
Born into a world filled with sin and gloom
His goal our relationship with him to bloom

It all began in the Garden
When God announced to us the plan for our pardon
But who would’ve thought that it would come through a manger
So humble and susceptible to so much danger

Yes, through that humble birth
God is able to reduce sins girth
By giving us a King
Who to us salvation will bring

He came to take away our sin
Giving us a chance a new life to begin
If you would only come to him in faith
Please, don’t delay, don’t wait!

Please friend, now is the time
In which you can say, “I want to make Jesus mine!”
Put away the words, “No! Later I will take my place”
Come now before death you will have to face

Everyone to him may come
For in His eyes we are not scum
We are not so far gone
That the light of his salvation has not shone

He will take the poor and the rich
And like a surgeon their hearts he will stitch
This Christmas I invite you to make Christ yours
Please keep open your hearts doors!

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Sorry, who’s birthday is it?

Sorry, who’s birthday is it?

On Sunday December 18 was my mother’s birthday. We had lunch together and after a little while we all gathered around a delicious chocolate cake to sing “Happy Birthday” to my mom. We had a fantastic day celebrating the day with her. Toward the middle of the afternoon my son says to me, “Dad, take me for ice-cream.” I responded by saying, “Why must I take YOU for ice-cream when it’s not your special occasion?” Without hesitation he said, “I know it’s Aya’s (granny’s) birthday but we want to celebrate it for her.”

As I think about what my son said, it reminds me so much of what we are doing as Christians during this Christmas season. Instead of celebrating the season with what Jesus prefers we are celebrating the season with what WE prefer. Wouldn’t it be great if all Christians stopped for a moment as asked Jesus, “Jesus, would you like to have ice-cream?”, or “Jesus, how would YOU like me to spend YOUR birthday this year?” These are the kind of questions Jesus would like to be asked.

Just as my son wanted to celebrate my Moms birthday how HE wanted so too we all celebrate Jesus birthday how WE want to. We use his occasion to meet OUR needs. Yes, Jesus IS the reason for the season but it has to be the reason that he prefers not what we prefer.

My prayer and hope is that Christians all over the world would live not to please themselves this season instead they will live to please the “Birthday Boy” – Jesus Christ!

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This Christmas

When asked to clarify what the greatest commandments of all were, Jesus answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind and you shall love your neighbour as yourself” – Luke 10:27

Our talk about how much we love other people will be demonstrated yet again this Christmas. During a season when everyone turns his or her attention on themselves, this will be a time when Christians can show how to live for other people. This Christmas season why don’t you show your friends, your family, your neighbours and yourself the true message of the season, “It’s more blessed to give than to receive.”

Show the world that you love them by giving up something so that others can benefit. This is a challenge that if it is met will draw people to the saviour of the world.

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One Message One God

One Message One God

Please check out this website

This is a fantastic gospel tool to reach people from other major worlds religions to Christ. If you have a Muslim friend or a Hindu friend please stop by “One Message One God“. You won’t regret it!

One God One Message – With compelling clarity, this 3-stage journey through the Bible offers hope for time and eternity. Drawing on the author’s passion for the Scriptures and thousands of conversations with Muslim neighbors, friends, and e-mail correspondents, this 30-chapter adventure provides insight into life’s big picture and clarifies some of the main differences between a biblical and an Islamic worldview. The book’s 271 endnotes furnish valuable background information.”

Third edition: 432 pages. Includes Discussion Guide. ISBN 978-0979870606

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Advent Conspiracy

Advent Conspiracy

Watch this short video and think carefully about how you should spend this Christmas. Remember, Christmas should not be a time when you receive instead it should be a time when you look forward to giving. After all, didn’t God choose to give instead of receiving? Let’s follow that example and plan to give instead of receiving.

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