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A Christmas Invitation

A Christmas Invitation
By Selvan Govender

Jesus, on that day in a manger lay
His purpose through death sin to slay
Born into a world filled with sin and gloom
His goal our relationship with him to bloom

It all began in the Garden
When God announced to us the plan for our pardon
But who would’ve thought that it would come through a manger
So humble and susceptible to so much danger

Yes, through that humble birth
God is able to reduce sins girth
By giving us a King
Who to us salvation will bring

He came to take away our sin
Giving us a chance a new life to begin
If you would only come to him in faith
Please, don’t delay, don’t wait!

Please friend, now is the time
In which you can say, “I want to make Jesus mine!”
Put away the words, “No! Later I will take my place”
Come now before death you will have to face

Everyone to him may come
For in His eyes we are not scum
We are not so far gone
That the light of his salvation has not shone

He will take the poor and the rich
And like a surgeon their hearts he will stitch
This Christmas I invite you to make Christ yours
Please keep open your hearts doors!

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Getting of the Starting Blocks

“We must realise that while the new birth is necessary as the beginning, it is only the beginning. We must not think that because we have accepted Christ as Saviour and therefore are Christians, this is all there is in the Christian life. In one way physical birth is the most important part in our physical lives, because we are not alive in the external world until we have been born. In another way, however, it is the least important of all aspects of our life because it is the beginning and then it is past. After we are born the important things is the living of our lives in all their relationships, possibilities, and capabilities. It is exactly the same with the new birth. In one way, the new birth is the most important thing in our spiritual lives, because we are not Christians until we have come this way. In another way, however, after one has become a Christian, it is minimized, in that we should not always have our minds only on the new birth. The important thing after being born spiritually is to live. There is a new birth and then there is the Christian life to be lived. There is the area of sanctification, from the time of the new birth, through this present life, until Jesus comes or until we die.” (Francis A. Schaeffer, True Spirituality, pp4-5)

Not many Christians have gotten of the starting blocks yet. Schaeffer’s insight is spot on. Many are happy to just be Christian. Many are happy to be just born. Many are content with living their “Christian” lives without reaching all the possibilities, capabilities, and relationships. How are you in your Christian life? Are you still a “new born” although you’ve accepted Christ years ago? Are you still in your “infancy” although you proclaim to have come to Christ decades ago? Every moment you live as a Christian, is it a growth from “infancy” to adult hood”? Are you growing out of “me-likeness” to Christ-likeness?

If you want to experience everything good and complete that God has planned for you; all the great and precious promises then you must get out of the starting block of your new birth.

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The Absence of Presence

This morning I woke up to an instant message from my cousin. She asked, “No post today?” and she appended a crying icon at the end. She’s one of the subscribers to my blog and she keeps tab on the absence of my presence. After she sent me that brief text it sparked some other thoughts.

Thinking about the absence of presence I began to ask myself these questions about our spiritual conditions. Did you talk to the Lord today? If you didn’t, did you miss the presence of prayer? Did you read God’s word today? If you didn’t did you miss the presence of God speaking to you? Did you practice being like Christ today? Did you miss the absence of a Christ-like presence today?

There are so many things in the Christian life that is crucial to your sanctification and it is often absent from your life. You should miss the presence of that! You should miss the presence of God in all of the forms that he reveals himself in your life and if you are not experiencing him then you need to cry out to him for Paul says that he is not too far from those who want to reach out to him.

Make a decision today not to go another day with the absence of his presence.

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Photoshop It!

Have you heard the phrase, “Don’t worry, we’ll Photoshop you in”? For those of you who don’t know what Photoshop is, let me explain. Photoshop is a marvellous, sophisticated photo editing and photo-manipulating tool. Photoshop can do the near unimaginable. Some of the pictures that your friends send you that seem out of this world, well, it could very well be a product of the Photoshop world. It is even possible to Photoshop yourself standing right next to Nelson Mandela or the president of the United States. You could possibly Photoshop yourself anywhere and in the company of anyone. Photoshop is amazing!

Photoshop can take away your wrinkles, possibly give you dimples and add a sparkle to your eyes. With a few mouse scrolls, a couple of short cuts on the keyboard and you could very well be in the running for the sexiest person on the planet. In short, Photoshop is a photographers saviour.

You may not have known what Photoshop is or you may simply not have had the privilege of using Photoshop, but we all, in our very own ways “Photoshop” our lives. The parts of it that we don’t want others to see we blur them. We put on smiles when in reality we’re crying on the inside. We place ourselves in the company of people we care less about, but we do it just to show everyone who we’re hanging out with. If you can’t make it on time for your child’s birthday, you “Photoshop” your presence and present in. We’ve become masters at “Photoshopping” forgiveness, happiness, joy, worship, love, peace, and Christ-likeness.

Often insecurity and the feeling that you won’t be accepted cause us to “Photoshop” parts of our lives. For God to really work in your life you must come clean to him, wrinkles and all and allow only him to make the necessary adjustments through his word, through Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

If anyone should do the “Photoshopping” in your life, God should!

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Body Building

When your car is broken, you take your car to the garage. When you need a doctor, you go to the clinic. When you need a surgeon, you go to the hospital. When you need new clothes, you go to the mall. When you need plumbing supplies, you go to the hardware store. When you need money, you go work or to an ATM.

But when you need spiritual help, you ask the church to come to YOU, or you ask God to come to YOU.

Why is it that for everything else that you need or want in life you are happy to wake up and go get it but when you need spiritual help you refuse to get up and go get it? I find it strange and unbelievable that Christians are so recalcitrant that they might as well die instead of going for help. It’s unbelievable but it’s true.

I agree that Christianity is not about following formulas to make life work, but there are some organic practices in the Bible that tells us that some things are crucial to our spiritual existence and its longevity. I am convinced from Acts 2:42-47 that when God’s people get together in God’s way around God’s word then God things happen. It is in this context that needs are revealed and they are met through the stronger parts of the body. God’s church is the gym where Christian muscles are built and where the weak become strong. When God things happens then consequentially God’s name becomes known.

Are you making yourself a part of your local church? Are you more absent than present? If you want to experience growth then you must make the effort to go. Go and be blessed!

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Final Reminder!

Did you ever see one of those “Final Reminder” letters from a creditor? The alphabets are all in red and they’re printed in bold type as an urgent reminder that a failure to meet the demands of the letter will result in some serious consequences.

Yesterday an elderly gentleman in our community passed away. During my visit there the deceased son was telling me how fearful his neighbour has become. His neighbour was a close friend to his dad. He said to me that this man was filled with dread about death and uncertain about his own life. The presence of death reminds us of the “Final Reminder” that is waiting for every one of us to answer. Time is running and the letter demands a response now.

The letter demands a response from unbelievers, there’s no doubt about that. After all, they need Christ right? But do you know that the letter demands a response from believers too? Believers also need Christ! I believe we’ve come to an era in our Christianity where it seems acceptable to live as any other unbelieving person does. We have insulated ourselves with cliches and favourite verses that give the idea that we’re holy.

The final reminder is sent to believers telling them that a day is coming when God is going to bring all their works into the light and it’s quality will be shown for what it is. I’m afraid on that day many believers will be surprised. Today you have been served with a “Final Reminder”, how do you plan on meeting the demands of this reminder?

Start by responding to it in repentance and begin implementing changes. Do it now, time is running out!

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You Dirty Rotten…

We were at the park the other day spending time with family and friends and my wife informed me that our little three year old daughter refused to use the communal toilet, saying it’s too dirty. It’s amazing how, as little as they are they know the difference between clean and dirty. They know the difference between a big piece of chocolate and a small piece of chocolate. They even know right from wrong. That is why they are so good at manipulation…kids, you gotta love em.

Strangely enough we never view the dirtiness in our own hearts the way we view the dirtiness of a toilet. We’re really diligent in keeping our houses and cars clean but we think nothing of keeping our hearts dirty. When last did you check the condition of your heart out? I’m not speaking physically, I’m speaking of a spiritual checkup. In the book of Jeremiah chapter 10 and verse 9-10 we read this, “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure, who can understand it? I the Lord search the heart and examine the mind, to reward a man according to his conduct, according to what his deeds deserve.”

The word of the Lord says that the heart is deceitful above all things. Do you believe that? I believe that! I believe it because I know my heart is deceitful at times. I know my heart wants its own pleasure. I know my heart wants its own throne and its own glory. My heart is deceitful. It is deceitful because I am born in sin and even though through the grace of a gracious God I am made clean, the mark of sin is so indelible that it reminds how good it would feel if I pleased myself and not my savior.

In the movie “Season of the Witch” there is a scene (0:44:22) in which a Priest accompanying the Knights to escort a witch to a monastery for trial says to one of the Knights (played by Nicholas Cage), he says, “She sees the weakness that lies in our hearts and what she sees there she uses against us”

Look deep enough and you too will find something dirty and rotten. No matter how spiritual you might be, protect your weakness well. I say protect because you don’t want the evil one to exploit it. Work at it every day so that it is removed or its presence is minimized in your life. The Proverbs tells you this in chapter 20 and verse 5, “The purposes of a man’s heart are deep waters, but a man of understanding draws them out.”

Know your heart and know it well. Know the things in your heart that is causing you harm. Remember we all have our own weaknesses. We just have to admit them and allow God to cleanse our heart so that the evil one does not have opportunity for exploitation.

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