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Moving Your Organization or Yourself Forward

I remember when I was growing up I tried riding a bicycle. I was bad at riding bikes. I would almost always fall the moment I got on. I was told that in order to keep myself from falling I must have momentum. Movement prevents falling.

This is also a great organization and personal principle too.

If organizations lack momentum, two things will happen. First they will plateau (stagnate) and second they may fall (become obsolete). This fate also applies to the personal lives of every individual as well.

When we read through the opening chapters of Nehemiah we will notice some antidotes to organizational death and the corollary is that we will experience forward movement in our organizations and in our personal lives. Here’s how Nehemiah teaches us to overcome organizational and personal death.

1. If you want to move forward we must cry over how things are (Neh.1:4; 2:1-4)

Nehemiah was sad over the current situation of Jerusalem. He was sad that Jerusalem became a laughing stock. He was sad that God’s glory was being defamed. When you look around you and when you look in your own personal life, what is there that’s defaming God’s glory or being made a mockery of? You should be crying over it. It must sadden you. It should cause you grief.

2. If you want to move forward we must confess why things are the way they are (Neh.1:5-10)

Nehemiah took responsibility for Jerusalem’s current circumstances. He did not criticize. He did not ridicule. He did not shift blame. He did not point fingers. He confessed that it was his sin also that has contributed to the downgrading of Jerusalem. What role are you playing in the damage to your family’s life? What role are you playing in the damage t your organization’s health? Maybe you too should own-up to the things you are not doing that is bringing organizational and personal death.

3. If you want to move forward we must consent to getting things to the way they should be (Neh.1:11-2:6)

Nehemiah didn’t just cry over things and make a confession that he was a culprit in causing damage, he also consented to making things right again. When the King asked him what’s wrong, Nehemiah explained and asked permission to go and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Your organization’s walls may be broken. Your personal walls may be broken. But, things will never get rebuilt if you do not consent to getting them to the way they should be. Please consider today how you can participate in the rebuilding process so that you don’t experience plateaus or death.

Selvan Govender
Director of Shepherds Heart SA
Principal of Bethany Mission School


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